Covenant Discipleship Group

We currently have a Covenant Discipleship Group that meets every Monday (exception—Monday holidays) at 9:30. Marilyn Ware is the leader. If you are interested in pursuing participation in a group please contact Marilyn Ware at:

Covenant Discipleship Groups are:

  • Up to 7 persons who meet for one hour each week
  • Guided by a covenant they write, shaped by the General Rule of Discipleship
  • Where Christians give a weekly account of how they have witnessed Jesus Christ in the world and followed his teachings, guided by the group’s covenant
  • Where Christians help one another become more dependable disciples of Jesus Christ
  • A proven and effective way of nurturing and identifying leaders in the discipleship the church needs to live out its mission with Christ in the world

The General Rule of Discipleship…helps Covenant Discipleship group members practice a balanced and varied discipleship. The General Rule is a contemporary re-statement of The General Rules John Wesley developed for the Methodist societies in 1742. It is simple and elegant:

“To witness to Jesus Christ in the world and to follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”