We Are Saving A Seat For You

“One of the most important gifts any of us may receive in our lives is an accepting community that is willing to support us in our journey of faith. We all come to God with many questions, with wonder, with hope and anticipation. We are seeking answers, looking for a vision that will satisfy the deep yearning for God’s love in our lives. We, at Desert Mission, would love to walk with you as you take this incredible journey of faith. We count it as an honor and privilege when someone says ‘I entrust you with my greatest questions, with my deepest wonders as I seek to discover and live from the presence of God in my life’.”
Pastor Anthony Tang

We invite you to join our community of extravagant hospitality where we strive to personify:

  • Open Hearts – by strong emphasis on and participation in mission to each other, our community and our world
  • Open Minds – by encouraging and allowing dialogue in our search for God’s truths
  • Open Doors – by welcoming all who seek a loving, Christian community.