Worship Information


8:30 am – Country and Gospel Service

If you like a more informal and spirited format to worship, then this service will be meaningful to you. We will sing many of the old time gospel hymns, which may even include a banjo or fiddle once in awhile. One of the hymns says “I Love To Tell The Story.” In the Gospel Service we will be able to identify these stories and how it touches our journey of life.

If you love to praise God with singing and a spirit of joyous expression, we would love to have you join us for this worship.


10:00 am – Traditional Worship Service and Children’s Sunday School


Body Theology: Reconciling our Physical Bodies with our Spiritual Selves”

January 7 – “The Sacred Temple & the Tattooed Heart.”  Jeremiah 31:31-34 

January 14 – “Sex & The Body: Is There No Such Thing As a Free Love?”   Ruth 1:8-17

January 21 – “Drugs, Addiction, & Escapism: How Do We Be Healers in a Culture on Drugs?”  Mark 5:1-20

January 28 – “Eat. Drink. Breathe. Move.”  Guest: Pastor Tres Adames

February 4 – “Rest, Relax, & Be Bored.”  Genesis 2:1-3

February 11 – “Euthanasia & Who Determines the Day We Die.”   Psalm 13