Worship Information


8:30 am – Contemporary Service

If you like a more informal and spirited format to worship, then this service will be meaningful to you. We will sing many of the old time gospel hymns. If you love to praise God with singing and a spirit of joyous expression, we would love to have you join us for this worship.


10:00 am – Traditional Worship Service and Children’s Sunday School


Faith in Tempting Times”

April 8 – “Faith When We Lose Our Temper” Sermon 1 of 5  John 2:13-22

April 15 – “Faith When We Are Lonely” Sermon 2 of 5  John 6:15-40

April 22 – “Faith When Our Loved Ones Fail” Sermon 4 of 5  John 20:19-31

April 29 – “Faith When We Are Falling in Love”  Sermon 3 of 5 

May 6 – “Faith When We Prosper” Sermon 5 of 5